Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some things I noticed today.....other than it's raining.

Current observation......WHEW!!!!!....Horseradish sauce clears your sinuses in a split second! 

I wanted something with a little punch added to my plain chicken tonight. Pulled this out of the fridge. Yowza!!!!

I was watching Oprah earlier. She had on a Doctor (not Phil) that discussed various physical issues that folks in the audience had. When asked about toenail fungus, he said the only thing that works is an oral pill.

BUT a side effect could be liver failure! 


Who, may I ask, would risk that for toe nail fungus??

My personal solution for those patients: colored nail polish. 

(WARNING: Could cause wallet failure if you have someone else do it, tho.)

Talking about fungus, how come some words are only used in certain phrases?

For example:

“He was brandishing a gun.” Brandishing? I’ve never heard that word used in any other way....


“We will garnish your wages.” I don’t think it means sticking a piece of parsley in your wallet.


How about, “it was a miscarriage of justice....” I guess that could be pretty yucky.

Speaking of wages, I live in a house that is almost 200 years old, so many things are crooked, I've observed. That is due to many things,  ie. gravity, wood rot, earthquakes, slamming of doors when I’m pissed off, etc., etc. 

I DON’T think it was built this way, even if the original owner had had his wages garnished.....

But I noticed in my self-imposed, manditory 24/7 internet research, that certain architects design things in rather unsquare ways.....on purpose....even without anyone brandishing a gun at them.

See for yourself....

Lest you think these images are some photoshop creations, they are not. 

These domiciles are on the level.


Eclectic Chic Style said...

LOL!! very cute post, made me giggle. Oh my goodness, is it STILL raining????? Wow!!
♥ Teresa

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a grand post - your use of words was fantastic. And those buildings - I'd be afraid to walk in them, or even near some of them. What a great sense of humor you have.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I can't believe its still raining with you... are you having a monsoon?
We are having lots of rain at the moment...too, but this is England ... we kinda expect it! lol
and if it didn't rain what whould we have to talk about...;D

I love your word play... and those buildings are so un-nerveing... I wonder if the corridors inside look like they are normal but when you walk down them they get smaller, like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I prefered the Gene Wilder one... but Johnny Depp is cute....

X Alex

brattcat said...

Brandishing horseradish sauce to fight blah chicken, check.
Brandishing nail polish to battle the feared toe fungus, check.
Miscarriage of perception after a wicked good party, check.
And if someone garnishes our ever dwindling incomes anymore, at least we'll have something green to eat.
Great post, Elenka!

Lili said...

Cute post! It has been REIGNING cats and dogs here in Maine, eh? HA!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the comment you left me. It was so thoughtful....thanks. :)

And because of you, I am now on a mission to get HAIL TO HALLIE made into tshirts!! LOVE IT!!


Deb Shucka said...

Somehow your observations about the use of those words, and your pictures of those weird buildings fit together perfectly. Fun post.

Kathleen said...

Great post, Elenka. Yes, it is still raining here in Millinocket...I am so tired of it. Love the word "brandishing".....I saw her at the supermarket, and she was brandishing a cantalope.....Hugs, Kathleen

OhioMom said...

OMG I love this post! And it is raining in Cleveland too :)

Hit 40 said...

Those buildings are excellent. Great collection of funky architecture for us.

I had to take the toenail pills to get rid of a yellow toe. I kinda liked it. Strong antibiotics. Didn't catch anything that winter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. We're up here in North Mass while hubby is on business. Probably will be up here for another month or two.

So far we love it... So much to see and do!

Balisha said...

My kids have a pit bull who loves to have her nails painted...pink of course to match her pink collar. Loved your post today. You are one funny lady.

Carol Murdock said...

I can't believe you are STILL getting rain and we're getting none. Well we got 1&1/2 inches last week but we are having to water as everyhing is trying to die. Great post Elenka!

Mrs Jelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I drop by yours to see who you are and now I feel drunk having looked at those photos of buildings!
Cheap at half the price!