Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some things I noticed today.....other than it's raining.

Current observation......WHEW!!!!!....Horseradish sauce clears your sinuses in a split second! 

I wanted something with a little punch added to my plain chicken tonight. Pulled this out of the fridge. Yowza!!!!

I was watching Oprah earlier. She had on a Doctor (not Phil) that discussed various physical issues that folks in the audience had. When asked about toenail fungus, he said the only thing that works is an oral pill.

BUT a side effect could be liver failure! 


Who, may I ask, would risk that for toe nail fungus??

My personal solution for those patients: colored nail polish. 

(WARNING: Could cause wallet failure if you have someone else do it, tho.)

Talking about fungus, how come some words are only used in certain phrases?

For example:

“He was brandishing a gun.” Brandishing? I’ve never heard that word used in any other way....


“We will garnish your wages.” I don’t think it means sticking a piece of parsley in your wallet.


How about, “it was a miscarriage of justice....” I guess that could be pretty yucky.

Speaking of wages, I live in a house that is almost 200 years old, so many things are crooked, I've observed. That is due to many things,  ie. gravity, wood rot, earthquakes, slamming of doors when I’m pissed off, etc., etc. 

I DON’T think it was built this way, even if the original owner had had his wages garnished.....

But I noticed in my self-imposed, manditory 24/7 internet research, that certain architects design things in rather unsquare ways.....on purpose....even without anyone brandishing a gun at them.

See for yourself....

Lest you think these images are some photoshop creations, they are not. 

These domiciles are on the level.