Friday, July 31, 2009

Beep Beep...the dreaded 'EO-F2' display....

My stove beeps now and then for no apparent reason. It used to do it a lot more. It seems to be settling down now a bit. 

Just like my 12 year olds at school. If they discover a squeaky chair, or squeaky sneakers, or the fact that if you bang a pencil on the table it actually makes a noise, they do it over and over again for about, oh, the entire period.

Or at least they attempt to. You see, if you ignore it, the thrill is gone. If they find out that what they are doing doesn't irritate the teacher, what's the point of doing it?
So I ignore these infrequent irritants, much to their dismay, and they stop it.

So the thrill is gone on my stove, too. The beeping is stopping, at least the 'for no apparent reason' beeping, BUT there is another issue that is probably more oven keeps shutting itself off AND as it does this, IT BEEPS!

This is a problem sometimes. For example, when you are actually baking something. When you bake a pizza, for instance, the pizza likes to have it HOT in the oven. Really HOT ....for more than 1 minute at a time. 


The oven blinks 'EO-F2' on it's display after about a minute or two goes by. I think it stands for 'Elenka's Oven-Failed, 2 bad'.  And it promptly shuts itself off. 

So what I have to do everytime it shuts off and I am baking gourmet stuff, is:
1. Press the OFF button. (even tho it's off already.)
2. Press the BAKE button.
3. UP the temperature to 400 degrees if I'm making a pizza.
4. Press START
5. Grin and pray for 2 seconds.
6. Stand there waiting for a miracle....
7. Hear the BEEP.  Sigh...Curse....
8. Go back to step #1.

This is not a good way to become a Barefoot Contessa!

I looked all this up online....apparently it's the touch pad that's on the fritz.
And it'll cost approximately half  the cost of a new range to fix it.

Back to step #1. 

Note: My wannabe comedian son, when asked, 'what time is it?'
now says.....
This is the same kid that wants to name his firstborn child                      R-7-'bluesquare'-D. (Sorry, I don't know how to actually make a 'bluesquare' with my computer.) 

Anyway, back to the stove.....It just beeped......

Crap, now I think I'm in real trouble.