Monday, August 31, 2009

I've been painting and painting and painting...

and painting.....for 1  1/2 weeks. 
This is a large mural (55" x 91") I will put up in school outside of my classroom to welcome the kids back to (gulp) school.
Every year I pick a movie that is popular in the summer, and make a poster using it's theme, and then change it up. I've been doing this for more years than I care to think about! (Home Alone was my first one....)

This one's based on the kids movie "G-Force". Apparently it's about some Gerbils that are planning to save the world or something. 

Don't know. Didn't see it.

I just hope it's not R rated by some sadistic, wicked twist of fate. I probably should check that.

But it's back to the drawing board tomorrow......sob.....

Hey, teachers like summer vacation, too! ... and it's all over after today. sob. sob. sob.

It's noon and I'm still in my P.J.s watching Paula Deen add a stick of butter to something.

Wish me luck!!