Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm achieving my goals !

A pictorial update.....

First, a summer list....

Paint (actual paintings and latex around the house)



Take day trips and one big trip



Item number one....paint..

The beginnings of a painting of downtown Portland, Maine....Congress St.

A book I just started, to take along on the cruise.....

My of them.....

I lunch of choice for over 30 years. (not much else, dieting for the cruise.)

And, of course, I sleep.

It's wonderful making a short list of things to do. Why didn't I think of this before??

Note: I can't get out of my head the comment that Empress Bee left on my last know....the 'cake' part. Might have to add that to the list!

 Empress Bee (of the High Sea)said...

it's summer vacation honey, relax and enjoy, just do what you feel like doing. toss the list. have a little cake, you'll feel better.

smiles, bee

Happy Father's Day, Daddy and Birdman! Love you both more than you'll ever know.