Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update on the crime scene......

Growing up in the New York City metropolitan area, I was used to the police blotter containing reports of criminal activity, serious stuff, in the newspapers. Murders, robberies, assaults etc., all the makings of a good book or TV series.

When there was a monkey loose in the apple tree in our backyard, it did not make the police blotter. In Maine it would have been in the headlines. 

So to illustrate, in Maine, well, things are different......

Documented in the local Police Blotter a couple of weeks ago: (all true....with my personal commentary, of course.)
"Lake Road caller reported that four occupants of a vehicle with duct tape on the door locks were asking residents if they wanted their trees trimmed."
(Duct tape on the locks...a very sticky situation. Call the cops.)

"Ray Road caller requested to speak to an officer regarding a domestic situation that occurred last year."
(After giving it some thought, someone's wife  just couldn't get over hubby not putting the cover back on the toothpaste. It was just eating at her day after day until finally, she couldn't take it anymore and snapped.)

"Annex Road caller reported that their neighbor had been harassing them by intentionally running their dogs up and down the road in front of the caller's house, making their dogs bark."
(This is why I have cats.)

"Pine Road caller requested to speak with an officer, as a group of their chickens were missing."
(Come to find out they were dressed in dog costumes running up and down a road in front of their neighbor's house, making the dogs bark.)
(OK, OK I know the image is not a chicken in a dog costume...there's only so much I can do.)

 And finally, this one may make you lose sleep lest this should happen to you....
"Osher Road caller reported that someone pulled into their driveway, and looked at the trailer that was for sale. Caller thought that this was suspicious."
(Everyone knows, a For Sale sign actually means Keep Out!)

Am buying a taser.....there's trouble afoot.