Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain, rain...go, really....

GO AWAY !!!!
Ever hear that saying, it goes something like this...."April showers, bring May showers,which bring June showers..." Isn't that how it goes? If it isn't, it should be re-written.

Even my cats won't go out today in fear of coming back in and looking like this:

So, on this rainy and very windy, cool day, this is what I suggest one does.
Or perhaps this:
Some canines would probably pop open a cold one:

Although all that snacking and drinking might lead to this....

If you HAVE to go out into the rain, this is rather a clever thing to use. 

These are kinda cute, but I don't know how you keep the rain out of your FACE!!

and believe it or not, some folks don't know how to use a regular umbrella correctly.

Actually, THIS is the umbrella that I want to be using...ASAP !!
Thank you very much.

UPDATE: rained.'s raining.