Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fourth Day....

Today at around 3 it was exactly four days since the operation. We were told that this would be a roller coaster ride, and so far it has been.

Today Mr. Downeastdoingstuff experienced what they think was like a panic attack. He had just finished eating supper and felt bloated and warm. Went into the bathroom and then he just didn't feel right. Nurse came in and his numbers were a little off, but soon came back to normal. Later a doctor came in and explained that this could happen. It needs to be mind over matter. But I still find it worrisome.

Now they say he's probably coming home on Monday. I would rather that anyway, because then, at 10:00 am we can both go to a little class on what to do and expect when going home after heart surgery. They don't offer this class on Sundays. Also, apparently, a visiting nurse will come out and evaluate what he might and might not need at home. ( Guess I need to clean the house!)

He's is also struggling with nasal congestion, something he gets even at home. The air is so dry in room at the hospital. They finally brought him a humidifier to use.

His roommate went home tonight, 2 days after a lung operation!!!! Good grief! Just a young guy.

So I'm home. It's 10 degrees out and I stopped for some groceries on the way home around 10 pm.

So......tomorrow is another day.

Third Day.....

What a change! Yesterday (Friday) was his best so far. He had the drainage tubes removed which made him much more mobile, although the process they utilized to remove them was very technical and complex:

"We're going to take these tubes out today."
"OK. Good"
"Now this is going to hurt somewhat...."
Nurse grabs a hold of the 1/2 diameter clear tube protruding out of patients stomach and using her best pull out methods, with one good yank, out it comes.
"&^$@$%*(((()(*&#@@@#$%!!!!!!!!!!!",  replies the patient.

By the time I got to visit Mr. Downeastdoingstuff, he had already taken two walks, and had managed to eat more than yesterday. He seemed much more comfortable, although we all would probably be more comfortable if we didn't have a garden hose in our guts anymore.

Just looking at the way he was sitting in the lounge chair told me so much. Much more relaxed, leg crossed or one foot up on the bed and leaning back. I could tell he was feeling much better. There is still a tube in his neck, I think it's a port because it wasn't connected to any saline bags and he is still on oxygen and still wired to the temporary pacemaker. But all in all, a much better day.

They tell him that he might be coming home on Sunday!!

Guess I have to go out and load up his birdfeeders which I just noticed are empty. I've been coming home in the dark everyday and didn't notice that. It's 20 degrees out in I'm in my PJ's. That ain't happening for a while.......