Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh Deer.......tick......

This is more or less a public service announcement. 
If you wake up one morning and find this on your shoulder (or anywhere).....go to Quick Care, immediately. (that's me)

It's a Deer Tick bite with the telltale bullseye ring around it, precursor of Lyme Disease. Now, I've had plenty of wood ticks sucking on me ever since I've lived here....they're not an issue.

I would just rip them off of me and throw them out. But this, I've never seen. A Deer Tick is the size of a pencil point and I never even saw it. But I saw it's results, so I immediately flew into action like any medical professional would.

I googled it.

And then I went to Quick Care. Have to take two weeks worth of antibiotics so that I DON'T get Lyme Disease. Whew. (The rash goes away all by itself even if you don't do anything about it, but years from now many, many things can go awry, like arthritis and brain issues, etc. You don't want that.) (Google it.)

That night, after Quick Care, I got really sick with flu like symptom....chills....aches.....the works. That lasted almost 2 days.

Now, this all happened just 5 days after THIS:
Just me and the electric hedge clipper. We did it. (Don't ask.)

Had to get a tetanus shot that for 4 days, made my arm feel like it was run over by a truck. That was after I got a Shingles shot in the same arm the day before.

And this is after the refrigerator died and a repair man couldn't come for  5, count them, 5 days!!

Now, THAT was bad.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Third day of Summer Vacation

Last Saturday I went to the Gorham Farmer's Market and saw this.....

On the way home I saw this....

The smoke was BILLOWING!  It ended up being this....


Today during my walk I saw this.....

Last week hubby saw this....on the other side of town.

Alpacas everywhere. I think we're being invaded. The fire was just a diversion. But I'm on to it.