Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finding stuff on the beach.....

When I lived in New Jersey, we used to go 'down the shore'.
In Maine, you go to the 'beach'.

In New Jersey, we used to actually go INTO the water. And like it.
In Maine, I myself, barely put my piggies in.
The water is colder than a witches you know what, even in July and August. 

But it's still very nice. No boardwalks or shops or 50 million people trying to find their little piece of real estate for their blanket. And Birdman (Mr. Downeastdoingstuff) reminded me that these beaches are FREE. He was shocked when we would go down the shore in New Jersey, have to pay AND wear a badge all day! Downright shocked.

Check it out.

You look to the left....
....and you see Spring Point Lighthouse......
Look to the right........
....and you see Portland Headlight.

But, I myself, don't go into the water. Well, maybe up to my ankles, for 30 seconds. If it's especially hot out.
I don't need a lifeguard.

So in Maine, when you go to the beach, you:
1. Look around at the absolutely beautiful scenery.
2. Read.
3. Nap.
4. Eat munchies.
5. Take a walk.

When I take a walk, or I see folks taking a walk, I know that one of the main jobs of walkers is to pick stuff up off of the sand. Unless you are moving at a high rate of speed, ie. joggers, or have your arms glued around a significant other, ie. new love, your job is to pick stuff up, scrutinize it and then put it into your pocket, if you have one, or into a bag.

I carry a Hannaford  bag.

Putting stuff in my pockets make me look fat, so I carry a bag.

So these bags make it home and into the garage. I have bags of shells, rocks and driftwood.

Sometimes I even make stuff out of the stuff.  Sometimes the stuff just stays in the garage for years.

Here are some fish I made of driftwood....yeah......for no reason at all that I can think of.

At one time I collected rocks that had 'lines' in them. I put them into a basket. For no reason.
I think I've picked up all the rocks in the world that have lines on them because I haven't found any more in a couple of years.
Then, for no apparent reason, I wrapped rope or string around rocks that have lines in them to accentuate the lines.
Jute was used here.

This one I should be committed for. I used THREAD! No easy task, using a toothpick and Elmers glue to place the threads. I was taken by the rose and mossy colors in the natural rock and I had to enhance those colors with thread. I had to.

I just felt it was my job to do this.

Who else would have done this?

So I did.

I waste a lot of time.

Oh, yeah. That photo of the plane at the beginning of this post... it's real. See for yourself.
(Maho Bay Beach, St. Maarten)