Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First outing....Walmart! (parking lot)

There are many souvenirs of our adventure last week. This handy-dandy drinking cup from the hospital, which was invaluable when he was there. It's losing it's novelty here at home, but we have other cups....

The flowers behind the cup settling in next to the Christmas Poinsettia.

Many cards and food from family and friends.

THIS ring was around my neck. If Mr. Downeastdoingstuff couldn't wear it, (for the first time since we were married) then I was going to wear it. And I did. Along with the heart locket he gave me a long time ago. (which houses a photo of my son when he was little, and it used to have a picture of Mr. Downeastdoingstuff at one time, but he fell out....)

Today he got to put it back on. So now when he hugs the heart pillow the hospital gave him to use when coughing or sneezing, the ring is in its rightful place. Amen.