Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day lessons.....

Christmas day observations....

1. Preparing and precooking food as much as possible for 10 guests allows you to spend more time with these 10 wonderful people......NOT!   Someone still has to actually physically pick up the food and do something with it.

2. Planning the order of things that have to use the oven, from appetizers to main meal, takes on a different meaning when your first dish, a crusty brie en croute doused with maple syrup and brown sugar explodes in your least the glass dish exploded, coating the bottom of the oven with a gooey mess.

Note to self: A gooey mess in the bottom of the oven begins to smoke, big time, if you continue to use the oven.

(Thanks, B, for scrapping out the gunk while I hid in the other room.)

3. Salvaging a Brie en Croute onto another plate and praying that there are no glass shards embedded in the bottom, still serves as a decent appetizer that people will still actually eat!

4. People should probably be told that one of the sliced cheeses has jalenpeno peppers in it.

5. Keep the liquor flowing....less chance of noticing glass in your bite of Brie en croute.

6. Make sure that the 20 something year olds have i phones to keep themselves entertained. Contacting someone with your iphone that is sitting right next to you, apparently is quite entertaining. Comparing what apps you have and what apps you don’t have could also be the hit of the party. 

(I’m pretty cool, using the word apps, doncha think?) LOL  ROTFLMAS

7. Make sure you invite at least one guest that can keep the conversation going or stopping it dead in it’s tracks with recollections from the long ago past that involve past girlfriends, embarrassing incidents, and wild stories, like the night this guest actually sold a pair of jeans he was wearing to a member of the opposite sex.

8. Nix idea of using Mom’s china and initialed silverware that she purchased from Bambergers in the 1940’s if you don’t have a dishwasher. Invest in Chinet and plastic utensils stock tomorrow.

9. Don’t cut your finger on a knife in the morning when you have to have your hands in water all day. 

10. Second note to self: Build a large dining room on Christmas Eve. Eating on the floor is so not cool.

11. Finally, realize when you have a minute to sit back and observe, that you have the best family and friends in the world. 

As Tiny Tim so aptly put: "God bless us. Everyone one."