Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Romantic Weekend.......part 1......

Our 36th Wedding Anniversary was on April 19th.  

But I was in Florida on April 19th...by myself. (well, with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece, aunt, aunt and uncle.....) (Hey, it's a dirty job.....this going to Florida stuff....but someone has to do it.)      ( I had to suffer through sunshine and 85 degrees.)

So needless to say, we did not celebrate it on that exact day. Actually, we did text each other several times, some of it quite mushy if you really must know, but that was the extent of our jubilee. 

So we celebrated, while actually together, just the two of us, this past weekend. 

We decided to venture up to Rockland, Maine for the weekend. We stayed at the Berry Manor Inn, pictured above. Rockland is a coastal town over an hour north of Portland. Coastal, like, on the Atlantic Ocean which, by the way, is perpetually freezing even in the best of times. 

This is the foyer you see upon entering. We were greeted by a lovely young lady, Lori, who welcomed us, gave us a history of the mansion and took us on a tour.

This is the common room to the right. There is a computer and printer in this room for guests to use.

This is the common room to the left. It also has shelves of brochures of what to do in the area, you know, like real hotels have.

This was the entrance to the dining room where we would have the second 'B' of our Bed and Breakfast situation in the morning.

This was our bedroom, room #2 to be exact. Their website is very thorough and you can see all the rooms ahead of time and pick one out that goes well with your ensemble.

Notice the flat screen TV. Beneath that is a DVD player, (movies are provided in a couple of drawers in a second floor sitting room), and on the little table with the lamp on it there is an ipod/iphone player. You would not be lacking for any of the essentials we have become accustomed  to in our daily lives.

A lovely gas fireplace....on a timer! Ah, the good ol' days, push button fires. 

The way life should be.

(more later.....)