Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Friday Art Walk......

We had the best time last night. We often go to the First Friday Art Walk in Portland, but last night was the busiest I've ever seen it.
It was a lovely, warm September evening and an absolute delight to be wandering around aimlessly on Congress Street. Art, wine and music everywhere. What more could one want??

Street bands were scattered about. The gentleman in the white t- shirt was not officially part of the percussion entourage, he simply picked up a pot and a stick and joined in. He was actually pretty good, but after several minutes of banging around, the original members politely asked him to STOP IT!! He did so without incident.

I love this shot of the flat iron building housing Starbucks below and a gallery above.

The orange hair should be wearing the orange trousers!

There was a huge line at Otto's pizza just to get pie by the slice.

No, we did not go into Strange Maine. Birdman and I don't need any more strangeness in our lives.

I wish this was more in focus. This kid was so cute munching on pizza.

 We walked from City Hall all the way to Longfellow Square and ended up at LFK's pub, an new establishment in an old book store.
We had met up with a friend at the Gleason Gallery where they always have copious amounts of wine and snacks and he came with us.
It was a rocking place and we nicely settled in on a settee and some overstuffed chairs in the back of the pub after greeting several friends that just happened to be there.

These Art Walks are always a lot of fun. 
I also think they have works of art hanging up here and there.
I'll have to look next time.