Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day.....

 Valentine's Day was one month ago, give or take a day.
Mr. Downeastdoingstuff and I celebrated last night!!
Now I know that in your warped minds a number of scenarios might be racing through your brains and before you start hyperventilating........we just went out to dinner. 

(We've been married almost 36 years....celebrating Valentine's Day takes on many forms. ie. 'Don't buy me a card, and I won't buy you a card.', was something I vaguely think I uttered. [I'm not paying $6 for a card and neither is he! Being a math wiz I know that adds up to $12 bucks. Ridiculous.])

So we decided to go out to dinner to a nice place. Only took a month to figure out where to go.

OK, so we're a bit slow, but we don't need to impress each other any more. Well, no, I take that back.....Mr. DEDS needs to continually impress me. (He reads this blog, so I don't want him to think he can slack off.)
So off we went to Walter's, an upscale, contemporary (for Portland, Maine) restaurant that has received excellent reviews. It was really balmy out, about 40 degrees, so it was a nice night to go out on the town.

I took some photos, but it was so dang dark in there they are not very good, but here they are...

View from our table toward the front door.

(Notice how it's still light outside!!! Yippee....good bye winter.)

I had the Salmon dish. At the top was smoked salmon and at the bottom were two hunks of roasted salmon, each in a different sauce. It was all artfully placed on top of a bed of sauteed spinach and pine nuts. As a finishing touch, it was all impaled with three pieces of wood. (?)

Mr. DEDS had the Mixed Grill. A Petite Filet Mignon, Shrimp and Scallops. Garlic mashed potatoes and some other stuff we couldn't identify.

And in honor of our Valentine's Day celebration, a huge painting of a heart was hung up, I'm sure, just for our enjoyment. What a place.

Note: Yesterday was the last day of Restaurant Week in Portland, Maine. For one week you could go to many, many participating restaurants and pay one price (it varies from $20, $30 or $40) and get a three course meal. If you do the math, which you all know that I am good at, you actually save quite a bit of money that way. 

BTW...NOT buying two Valentine's Day cards bought us a glass of wine and another alcoholic concoction called Coco-mo. Good deal if you ask me.

Love you, Birdman.