Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Art

Lately, I've been taking photographs as I'm driving my car. Photos of the road have been intriguing me, and this is my second 'road' picture I've done. This one is 12" x 17", not very big.
I've switched to pastels as I love how sky colors can be blended with chalk. Also, for the first time, I did this one on black pastel paper. Not sure if I like it. My first road composition is much larger and done on gray pastel paper. (see end of post)

Starting the snow on the side of the road. More tree work.

Here I've started putting the sky reflection colors into the road. My CAT added the kitty footprints in the road. (That's what I get for leaving the picture on the coffee table overnight.)
Thanks, Molly.

Here I'm working on getting the road colors right.

This is the finished picture. (Unless I decide it's not.)

Below is the first in my 'road' series, completed this fall.