Thursday, May 13, 2010

My, how time flies....

April 29th....2010......that was the last time I posted on this blog. Today it's May 13th. I think that's the longest I've ever gone between posts. 

I need to get a life. 

I don't have anything to write about that would not bore the eyeballs out of you after reading the second sentence. The most eventful thing recently has been that I have to wear gloves this week while driving to work, not because it's part of my ensemble or anything, but because the month of May didn't get the memo.

Actually, all of the above is not exactly true. I did go to Florida for a long weekend, BUT I just got a new camera and Florida undoubtedly is camera worthy. But, apparently you have to read the directions when you get a new camera so that you can take photos once in a while.

Mr. DEDS: "Where's your new camera?" he asks, after listening to me complain about the fact that I can't turn on my old camera anymore. (I have to use the tip of a ball point pen positioned in just the right place and exert 500 m.p.s.i. to MAYBE turn it on. )

"It's in the box", I reply.

"Well, get the box." my astute husband requests.

So I get the box, take everything out, put it on the table in front of him and walk away.

Pretty pathetic, since I'm the one in the family that actually CAN read directions AND follow them without too many four letter words.

Mr. DEDS calmy inserts the battery and proceeds to charge the camera.
In no time at all, it is charged and apparently ready to shoot.

I shove all the assorted wires, parts and pamphlets into a ziplock bag and cram them into my backpack to take on the plane. (Next to my miniscule bottle of hand sanitizer lovingly placed into a required quart sized ziplock bag so the authorities could scrutinize it via an xray machine.)

In Florida, it's hit or miss as to whether I can figure out where to turn the knobs to to take a photo, but I can turn it ON. So I take some pictures, I think.

After about 3 1/2 photos I get an important message. NO MORE MEMORY.

No amount of Ginkgo Biloba will help this thing, so I hand it over the Mr. DEDS and tell him there's no more memory. I toss him the ziplock bag with the assorted paraphernalia in it and walk away.

Somewhere he found a larger memory card than was originally in the camera and stuck it in. 

All set.

It was still 50/50 as to whether I could figure out what buttons to turn to actually take a photo.
So I took some. I think.

When, and if he helps me figure out which wire to use to put the photos onto my laptop, I will finally be able to enter a post that might be somewhat amusing. And maybe if I even bothered to look at the wires, I could figure it out myself....