Monday, March 16, 2009

My Sunday Picture....on Monday....

Lobster equipment at the ready in Portland harbor yesterday.
There were lots of folks walking around town yesterday and quite a bit of lobster activity going on because:
1. There was a Flower Show. (There is a God.)
2. There was a Boat Show. (People have told me there are two great days when you own a boat:
the day you buy it and the day you sell it. I wouldn't know.)
3. It was WARM! (Fifties, for you out of staters.)
4. The St. Patrick's Day Parade just happened on Commercial Street.      ( Someone tell someone St. Patty's Day is  on Tuesday.)
5. Some St. Patty's day parties going on at Ri Ra's and Brian Borus, two Irish pubs.

We were at Ri Ra's after going to see Gran Torino at the Nickelodeon.  We were paying our check when a bagpipe band came into the room where we were and proceeded to make some god awful noises. I can't imagine any sound more irritating than a bag pipe. screech. squeal.
and more screech. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

A Lobster Story 

In a small fishing village, a Newfoundlander was walking Up the wharf carrying two - at least three-pound live lobsters - one in each hand.

It was three weeks after the season closed! Whom should he meet at the end of the wharf but the Federal Fisheries Officer who, upon viewing the live and wiggling lobsters, says: "Well me Laddie I got you this time - with two live lobsters three weeks after the season Closed!"

The Newfie says, "No - My Son you are wrong! These are two trained lobsters that I caught two weeks before the season ended."

The Fisheries Officer says, " Trained like how?"

"Well my son, each day I takes these two from my house down to the wharf and puts them in the water for a swim. While they swim I sits on the wharf and has me a smoke, or two. After about 15 minutes I whistles and up comes me two lobsters, and I takes them home!"

"Likely story", the Fisheries Officer says! "Lets take them on down the wharf and see if it's true."

So, the Newfie goes ahead of the Fisheries Officer to the end of the wharf where, under supervision, he gently lowers both lobsters into the water.

The Newfie sits on a wharf piling and lights up a smoke, then another! After about 15 minutes the Fisheries Officer says to the Newfie, "How about whistling?"

The Newfie says " What For?"

The Fisheries Officer says, " To call in the Lobsters"

The Newfie says, " What Lobsters?"

I took this photo from my car while we were driving around Portland yesterday....(yes, there's a real person in there!)