Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Insomnia moments....

It's 4:29 AM. I can't sleep. As a matter of fact, I've been up since about 2:30 AM. Whenever either of us can't sleep, we turn on the tv in the bedroom and usually the droning on of Tru TV puts us back to slumberland.
But not tonight.
I watched 2 entire episodes of Tru TV (actuality, not reality is their motto). 
All night long they do crime scene stories....I hate to say this, but watching them solve people's murders is more comforting than having the TV tuned in to the News channels. The real news is way too depressing.

So there was this one guy in Florida that murdered his wife. It was his second marriage. His first wife mysteriously hung herself for no apparent reason.
They were married for 16 years, he and the second wife. She had all kinds of assets and he owed 68,000 bucks on his charge card. He looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties.
He was in real estate, but nobody he worked with knew he was married! (Red flag, ya think?)
They took a weekend trip from Jacksonville to Key West in January.
She disappeared from their Motel room the next day. He was so distraught! (NOT !)

(by the way, the news, that I am now watching in the family room, just reported that Michael Jackson is NOT the biological father of any of his kids  AND Debbie Rowe is NOT the biological mother of the first 2 kids, she was a surrogate, just carried someone elses fertilized egg to term.)

Anyway, back to the crime. Long story short, he shot her in their garage, wrapped her in trash bags and duct tape, buried her in a shallow grave (it's always a shallow grave, isn't it) in an abandoned golf course and then drove himself to Key West and reported her missing there.

He was found out by the pings on his cell phone (which placed him directly at the golf course because he actually ANSWERED HIS CELL PHONE WHILE DIGGING HER GRAVE), his GPS thingy tracked his exact route to Key West, Video cameras at a convenience store showed him alone, a video camera at a toll booth showed there was NO passenger in his car and all the food he ordered while there was only for one person! Then they traced the duct tape on her body to the duct tape in his garage. Researched his hard drive on his computer. He had all kinds of on line relationships. Even put his own photo on a dating service !! 
Guilty as charged.

Lesson: All these modern conveniences we have.....they are tracing your exacts movements, bowel or otherwise.

It's 4:54. Still wide-eyed and bushytailed. 

Hey, you think that guy had problems...How would you like the be the engineer that designed this building???

This is a 13 story building in Shanghai that tipped over, all by itself. (Brand new and unoccupied, thank goodness. It would surely ruin your day if you lived here.)

OK, let's see, what else.....I just had a cup of tea and saltines with dijon mustard on them. About 12 of them. Still talking about Michael God Rest his Soul Jackson on TV and, I know this is hard to believe, IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S GOING TO RAIN OUT !! (see previous 3 posts....)

It is now light out.....