Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Green...

Organic material shrug enhances a layered wrap around skirt with chunky clogs. Hat by Rhody Dendron.

Some of you know that I like to make stuff from other stuff. If you read my Going to the Beach post this summer, you saw some evidence of that....(scroll way down, past the guy in the bikini thong, you pervert.) (I don't know who put those photos onto my wholesome blog! Still a mystery to me....)

Here are a few of the 'people' I made with Mother Nature's help and put in my display case at school. I needed something to put in the display case because it will be a while before the kids make anything display casable.


Iris leaf spandex leggings with sleeveless muscle shirt and white Shape Up shoes. Hair by Old Spice.

Pleated Mini-skirt with textured leggings topped by a layered shell and a natural seed choker. Earth shoes in nutmeg color. Hair by Herbal Essence and hat by Pacific Sunwear.

Possibilities are virtually endless!  (Wiggle eyes are not organic. Sorry Al Gore.)