Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emergency dessert......

There are times when basic instincts take over. Survival of the fittest.
I often find myself in a situation that takes drastic measures, or at least creative measures, or......well, I do what I can.
Such is the emergency dessert. In between holidays, it's slim picking around here in the dessert department. So here is the solution, in my mind anyway. It does the trick.

One container of chocolate syrup that has been in the fridge since summer.

One container of whipped cream. LIGHT whipped cream. I hear it contains no calories as opposed to it's heavier brother, HEAVY whipped cream.

Carefully pour the chocolate syrup into a teaspoon. I don't use a tablespoon because that would be pigging out, tempting though it is.

Squirt out a healthy dollop of the light whipped cream. Deposit into mouth.

Do it again.

Yum. Emergency solved.