Saturday, August 21, 2010

I found my lock....

I found a lock!

In a plastic box in the bowels of our linen closet, amid old, rusty thumbtacks, plastic wire caps, dried up tubes of superglue (which are still there), that iron-on stuff you cut and iron onto the back of a hole in your clothes to try and disguise the hole and
myriads of other unidentifiable, dried up, rusty things, I find a lock......with the key!

I actually found 2 locks, a little one and a bigger one.

I took the little one because it was so cute.

If you read my
previous post, you already know that the latest trend and must-do for all people in love (lest being deemed as uncool) is to attach a lock with your name on it to something somewhere and toss the key.

Apparently this signifies that your love will be locked forever in this world to infinity and beyond.

I would like that.

But where to put it without someone unromantic person using the jaws of life to remove it?

This is what I have to think about today.

Where would you put it?