Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things my husband thinks are weird....that I do....

This morning I was asking hubby what I should make my new blog post about...

He said, “write about the weird things you do and eat...”

“What? (pause) Weird things? (another pause) (blink) I don’t do or eat anything weird....I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about.”

He started laughing hysterically.

So here goes...(with his help, because I don’t see it this way...)

1. I eat sardine sandwiches. Sometimes. With mayo. And sometimes with onions.

2. I don’t like music. I tolerate the Beatles and Billy Joel just fine, actually most music from the 60’s and 70’s, but after that the music died. I find it very noisy and I don’t like noise.

I will drive in my car in silence many times....

3. My TV preferences: Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, and anything about food.

These days I’m watching old episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Hour on

HE has been caught watching episodes of Housewives of Orange County. 

4. For breakfast I have 2 slices of whole wheat toast with globs of low fat cottage cheese on it, garnished with walnut pieces and chunks of prunes. With green tea. 

(NOTE: I think this is the most unweird breakfast there is, but he doesn’t...)

5. If there’s no dessert in the house, I will pour chocolate syrup into a spoon, squirt whipped cream onto it and savor it. Then I will do it again.

5 1/2:  My husband says I’m somewhat ADD. I know I am, but these days it’s not weird anymore.

Example: I was looking for an image of cottage cheese for this post. I got a photo of an enormously fat person bending over with ‘cottage cheese’ thighs. (Look at your own risk) (You may be sorry...), then there was a link on the sidebar to Optical Illusion. I am going to do a unit in my art class on OP art, so natch, I clicked on it and got the above....... (He's the one that insisted I post it....) (I will NOT use this with my class.)

6. I won’t wear hats. My head and hats don’t match. No way, no how.

7. I hate the sound of bagpipes. And this has nothing to do with my dislike of music, which bagpipe players claim they are making. Fingers on the chalkboard to me.

(for the more daring blog readers, the alert ADD me found this....)

8. I try to clean the house. I clean things that the two other inhabitants in my house don’t even know ever, in a million years, would need cleaning. And then they mess it up. It’s not that they are slobs, not at all, they’re just not neatniks. I’m not either, but I like a certain order.

9. Expanding upon #8, my husband claims that once in a while I will stop what I’m doing, look around and say.....“I hate this! I hate this! I cleaned this house yesterday, and now look at it!”

It’s never dirty, I must admit. But it does have that lived in look sometimes, as my husband says.

Yeah, like 50 people live here!

10. My hair. I have fine, wavy to curly, blonde hair. Hair that humidity loves. I invented bad hair days. One iota of humidity curls up the tenderly straightened strands into  ‘every which way but loose’ concoctions. So I take all precautions not to get my hair wet unless I’m shampooing it. Plastic bags, newspapers ...... mostly hoods.

I cannot have a jacket without a hood. No hats. EVAH !! It’s my cross to bear....


That's it. I don't think any of it is weird. Can't be that weird. He still married me almost 35 years ago. Maybe HE'S weird.