Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here's Johnny!

If you have ever seen the movie the Shining with Jack Nicholson, this is the outside of the hotel they were living in. In the movie it was called the Overlook. In real life, it's the Timberline Lodge.
We were here last week. It is half way up Mt. Hood in Oregon, at about 6,000 feet. In July, people are still skiing here, chairlift and all. Everyone else, such as Birdman and I, were in shorts and t shirts and sandals because it was summer! Very, very weird.

This is the view from the back side of the hotel looking toward the peak.

There were 8 of us in our party. (And a party it was!) Living together for a week with my sister-in-law and her husband. They were the most gracious hosts there could be. One of the days we ventured up to Mt. Hood. Everyone, but Birdman and I, went for a hike up the mountain in the snow. They had sneakers. I had sandals. My sandals were not meant for snow. So we sat on a lovely stone veranda in the sun and sipped Martinis instead, watching the skiiers lug their gear to the chair lifts.

Ahhhh, winter sports!