Friday, July 22, 2011

Some like it hot....

In the shade.....

What is wrong with me??

I complain when it's cold.....and now I'm complaining because it's too dang HOT!

Is there anything wrong with wanting everything just to be PERFECT all the time???? Huh????

I was thinking about putting on my bathing suit to keep cool. This I can do, 'cause I'm inside my own house and do not have to gross anyone out....other than Birdman.

I feel good about saving the world from embarrassment.

These folks however, apparently don't care about that....

sorry this one came out so big......

Good grief.

hmmmm, I look pretty darn good.......well......comparatively.

Enjoy the heat!

p.s. We have NO air conditioner.

UPDATE: This is the thermometer at around 4:30 pm. (I know it's in the sun.)
The crazy thing is that the thermometer doesn't go any higher, so who knows what it really was.
I've never seen that happen on that thermometer.