Friday, January 1, 2010

My first anniversary !

One year ago today I was sitting on my couch and Mr. Downeastdoingstuff, also known as Birdman on his blog, said to me:

"You should do a blog."

This was from the mouth of a person that had just started his own Daily Photo blog the day before, so by now, he was a blog expert.


"You should start a blog."

"Nah.""I don't need one more thing to do...."

"Well, you should just check it out."

So he told me where to go on the internet and by that night, I had a blog.

One year ago today.

I just want to thank all the lovely folks that have bothered to eyeball my blog and especially to the people that have written comments. It's been a lot of fun and I so enjoyed reading all of your blogs. There are so many lovely, lovely people out there. 

As Birdman and I go on our next adventure (his heart surgery on Tuesday), I know I will be given so much support via this blog. It's been a wonderful journey.

Thank you all.


Birdman said...

Congrats to you Elenka!
... in a personal note, I'd like to just say 'thank you for YOUR support' every single day!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

How neat - one year. I'll have to look back at mine - but I think it's been around three years.

Good wishes for Tuesday!!!!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, cute picture. lol!!
Thank you for always visiting and coming back when I did. ;)
Thoughts are with your hubby and you on Tuesday.
♥ Teresa

Kathleen said...

Elenka, I'm so glad you started a blog, and I have had the pleasure to read it, and meet you and Birdman. Congratulations on one year of blogging. I too, have met some wonderul, talented, wise and supportive women (and men) by blogging. You and your hub will be in my prayers on Tuesday. Hugs, Kathleen

Evansmom said...

I really enjoy your blog! Good luck on Tuesday.I will be thinking of you and Birdman!

cam said...

Dear Elenka.
Congratulations on your blogging feat!! Since I don't see you and Birdman as much as I used to...this is definitely the next best thing!!! Rock On!!

Love to you and Birdman,

Anonymous said...

I'll keep y'all in my prayers... Hugs and love... and happy blogoversary!!!!

Lili said...

What did we do before blogs??? Happy blogiversary. I think I found your blog through someone else here in Maine and I'm sure glad I did. I'll be thinking of you both on Tuesday.

brattcat said...

Can you feel us all gathering around you and Birdman and the rest of the family, surrounding you with light? This is quite amazing. Happy blog birthday, Elenka! Meeting you and Birdman has been one of the best of the extraordinary gifts that have come my way through this CDP community.

Balisha said...

Hi Elenka and Birdman,
First of all congratulations...I thought that you had been blogging is done so well. I especially enjoy looking at your artwork and wonderful photos.
Now, you bloggers got me through my surgery and recuperation. I'm here for you, Birdman, with my care and prayers.Let us know how things went, Elenka.
God bless, Balisha

annie'smom said...

Congratulations, Elenka, on a job well done! I have enjoyed each and every one of your postings - from the "I Hate Ironing" to the "Squirrel Caper Episodes". Keep up the good work!

Debbie said...

Elenka....Congratulations on 1 year! Reading how you got started blogging made me laugh because mine was so similar and it is also one year this month for me. It's been great coming here when I can and you have the most wonderful sense of humor. I will be praying for your hubby and you on the 5th with much enthusiasm and see, I had a heart attack on December 26 and was released from Maine Med on December 29, one day before my birthday! My life has changed immensely now...I was given a second chance. God is good.

BumbleVee said...

belated happy blogiversary.... I've enjoyed your humour and love to see your "stuff" that you are doing...

man, sometimes I get so behind! and I have no excuse...really, I seem to be doing so little of anything these days....sigh...

that does it...I'm adding you to my blogroll instead of just the list of my followed blogs. I like to see when a blog is updated on the blogroll...then I go there... but, the list of followed blogs...well, they just don't get read nearly as often..