Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going out to breakfast !!!!

It's 10 degrees out and Mr. DEDS wants to attempt to go out to breakfast somewhere! And to take pics for his blog!

Update on how we do when we get back....


OK.....we're back.

Upon leaving the house, Mr. Downeastdoingstuff says, "Let's see how the lake looks first." (That was his first thought.)

So, off we go to Sebago Lake. Sebago Lake has a nice boat launch that is used in the winter for the ice fishermen. (ICE FISHERMEN n. 1. A lifeform, from unknown origin, that has lost its mind and labors under the illusion that fishing, especially  when it's 10 degrees outside, is fun.)

Now, Mr. DEDS hasn't been out very much since his heart repair and need to be careful. He still has some anxiety/hyperventilation issues that he needs to conquer. So, cognizant of this, I pull the car up to the ice as close as physically possible so that he could just open the door, step outside, and take a shot.



Off he goes......slow but steady.....out toward the ice. Just a little at first, and then a little more.

Next thing I know he's ON the glassy ice in his Sperry Rand topsider boat shoes, shuffling along.

And he keeps going....

Meanwhile, I'm in the car freaking out. I've seen him lose his breath just opening a bag of prunes. (That's another story...) As recent as last night!

I unbuckle my seatbelt just in case I need to make a dash for him. My hand is on the door handle ala Meryl Streep in Bridges of Madison County in a white knuckled grip.

I have issues with lake ice under normal conditions. I do not believe that it can hold a lot of weight. I KNOW that if I, Elenkaever step out onto a frozen body of water, EVEN if there are trucks, snowmobiles, ice shacks, overweight fishermen and elephants on it, the additional weight that my body would put on the ice would be the straw that breaks the camel's back. So I don't even try.

But there goes my delicate, newly repaired husband, getting smaller and smaller in the grey distance.

I just about called the psychiatric version of 911.......for myself. I was that freaked out.

Would YOU walk out onto this......EVER??? Even in perfect health?  Not me.

Oh yeah, we did go out for breakfast, to the Front Room. It was very nice.
Then after that, I chauffeured him around town, down obscure streets along the docks, dodging wharf cats and high tide puddles. All for the cause of his blog

Another adventure under our belts.



brattcat said...

Holding my breath in anticipation (and because I'm reluctant to take a deep gulp of that brrrr cold air).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all will go well. Have fun!

Evansmom said...


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Have fun - but really, 10 degrees???

One of the directives from Don's surgeon was to go out for a nice brunch with someone you like. Now doesn't that sound like some patients might be going out to brunch with someone they DIDN'T like and the surgeon didn't want that?

Don was so impatient to be back to normal - he was back to work 3/4 time after three weeks and full time at 5 weeks - there's just no stopping them with their handy dandy fixed up hearts. :-)

Unknown said...

Your Hubby is braver than I; I stole my photos of the Saco site on the internet; couldn't bring myself to go out yesterday!

cam said...

Hey El,
C' know you love the show Ice Road Truckers!!!!!This should have been a piece of cake...NOT!!
Hope you gave him a good talking to!!!

love ya,
Florida Checks In

Carol Murdock said...

Elenka....this had me on pins and needles and freezing! Out in 10 degrees! Glad all went well! What we do for these men! :) XOXO

Lili said...

Now were those pictures here his, or yours? Guess I'll have to mosey over to his blog to find out. Love eating out for breakfast!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Thank Lord everthing's ok.

You know Elenka, young or old, sick or healthy, boys will be boys.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Kathleen said...

Maine is so much fun in winter. NOT. I never, ever go out on the ice, any ice. I'm afraid I will fall in, and not be able to find my way out (think the movie, the OMEN). Breakfast looked good. I'm sure it was good for your hub to get out, being housebound can get to you. And glad to know he is doing well. Watch out for those field trips! Hugs, Kathleen

Balisha said...

Elenka...You have a way of telling things that makes me laugh. I could just picture you both. Glad he got out and the breakfast looks great.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Gorgeous photos. I've never seen the little fishing shacks in real life before. I don't think I would be able to walk out there. jan

Pam said...

Had fun with both your posts, Birdman is quite the creative person also, handy with the camera. I can see you both have a sense of adventure.Your breakfast also looks much more adventurous than mine.Glad you are both well and happy, albeit $75 worse off!!xx