Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost in Space....

Upon driving home from parts unknown, my son calls me up at 12:30 AM sounding like he just had the bejesus scared out of him. He was smart enough to inform me within the first 2 sentences that whatever he was going to say, however bizarro, everything at the moment was OK. (At this point 4,000 scenerios were flashing through my mind at lightning speed, none of them good.)

It seems that some foreign object fell out of the night sky right in front of his car, illuminating the entire Eastern Seaboard and going 347,000 miles an hour, careening out of control and into a field on his port side. It did not crash in a spectacle of sparks, but extinguished itself moments before hitting the ground. No other cars around....no surveillance videos......just him. 

He described it as  a large, brilliant white fireball that glowed green in the center, had a long white tail blazing behind it and was undoubtedly  launching itself from the far reaches of outer space. He said it came in at about a 40 degree angle. Incredulously, he knew that he was looking at an actual meteor...out of the sky....right in front of his own eyeballs.

So here I was, bleary eyed, up on one arm, having been suddenly woken up from a hot Johnny Depp dream I’m sure I was having, heart beating out of control (Johhny Depp) listening to this Twilight Zone story. He was already within 2-3 miles from home and I'm sure speeding onward at breakneck speed to escape the alien creatures that may have disembarked from their UFO and were now on his tail. (That’s MY version of the story in my warped, tired mind.)

I, for some unknown reason, told him on the phone that I would meet him at the door to let him in. (He DOES have a key and there really were no aliens chasing him.) But, being a Mom, there I was....at the door.

His car pulls up to the far side of the driveway where he normally parks and I truly expected him to race out of the car, breathless and into my safe arms.

But no.

Car lights go off. No one gets out.

I wait.


Wait some more.


By now I’m positive that the aliens have already examined and re-programmed his human body inside and out,  and that he is currently sitting there in an embodiment of Jabba the Hut or  Elvis Presley, with little or no recollection of the incident. Just waiting for the likes of me to come out there and ask whaz up? 

What do you think he was doing? Huh? KNOWING, I say KNOWING  I told him that I, his real birth mother,  would be up waiting for him? He was talking on his iphone  telling someone the entire story again in  Cinemagic 3-D detail. 

Just when I got the nerve to actually go out and nab my now brainwashed eyewitness alien child, he nonchalantly strolls in looking none the worse for wear.

(Cue in: Breathe a sigh of relief.)

The story actually doesn’t end there. After we chatted for a while I went to bed, convinced that my son was his normal self. Well, as normal as he is.

Long story, short.....he called the local police department the next day and the person there quickly told him that there had been a launch of an experimental Nasa rocket in Virginia that evening and that people had reported seeing lights in the sky in the northeast.

Relieved to hear that it was not an invasion, he still wondered about it. That was not a good enough explanation for him.

So, do you know what he did?

He called NASA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I didn’t know you could CALL NASA!!   Just like that?? So what is it? 1-800-NASA ???

They took a message and then yesterday someone ACTUALLY CALLED HIM BACK and talked to him about space stuff and phenomena for 10 minutes! They came to the conclusion that from his description, it actually was a meteor and not a hunk of spacecraft from the launch because the rocket did NOT fall apart as he was led to believe. The whole experiment was over the ocean hours earlier, he was told & that there were some conflicting stories in the press. _(ya think ?)

That’s my boy!

Do chores? Nah            

Write thank you notes? Nope, well not for a few months.

Clean your room or car?  No way Jose.

Call NASA ?    “I’m right on it, Mom!”

Sometimes I wish “I” had little or no recollection of incidents.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great story - I enjoyed every bit of it - and I'm glad he wasn't captured or brainwashed by those aliens. :-)

brattcat said...

Elenka, thank you for this story. We mothers are all the same, aren't we? And I suppose that's a good thing...though our children would never admit it. Anyway, you've spun it into a great story, surpassing your son's story which is a 'just the facts' tale. Forget that he had the actual experience. You gave us the actual experience of being his mother.

Balisha said...

Whew..What a kid! He was on the phone? Are they attached to their phones? How clever of him to call NASA. he went right to the source and got the real answer. Smart boy!!

Anonymous said...

wow... I would have tried to find the meteor.... I would have been scared, too!

♥ Braja said...

Liars. NASA are hidin' stuff. That was a space ship.


CrossView said...

Wow! How bizarre - and scary! Kudos to him for having the guts to call NASA! I love it!

Evansmom said...

What a cool story!

Birdman said...

Oh, you don't think he and 'Mommy Dearest' didn't go traipsing through the field the next day looking for pieces of the 'wreckage'?????? You don't know them very well!

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, Brighton, Disco NoFurNo and Kely said...

I was sitting on a friends patio sharing s'mores and spiked tea when we saw the lights, very eerie and so quickly gone, but they shone like a spotlight from a helicopter through mist and smoke and within a minute were gone and the cloud disappeared! Glad to know what it really was and I googled more info on it after reading your blog.


Lili said...

Just learned today about this. Someone told me about a photography shoot at Eagle Lake in Acadia that students and a Park ranger saw the bright light! The weird part is that until I read this on your blog, I had forgotten that I saw it too, but had dismissed it as a helicopter! Great post!

Deb Shucka said...

What a great story! Just the kind that begs to get bigger and better with each retelling. :-)

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

You're back and I could not be happier!!!!!

And that's an awesome story. It sounds akin to something my 19 year old daughter, Meg, would do. Except she'd text everyone in the known world as well.

And now I'm seriously bummed I didn't see it, because let me tell you, I never leave home without Huge (DSLR 1) or Heidi (DSLR 2) or Pinky Weevil (Point and shoot) and I would have somehow gotten a picture. I think. And let me just tell you, I would have gotten mileage out of that for eons! *lol* And I never ever would have thought to call NASA. That, was brilliance! Sheer brilliance!

And now, I'm just going to put my feet up and stare at your painting of Two Lights. My hidey hole is not far from there. But your painting? It makes me smile. A lot. And smiling, right now, in my life - is a good thing.

Plus, the more I look at it, the more I think there's a story there.

Jennifer Lynn Croft said...

Hola Catwoman,
Love perusing your blog, and I DID notice the napkins yesterday. However I was too busy stuffing my face to comment! What a wonderful retreat and sanctuary your home is. Love the story - don't all our kids have a bit of alien in them? I'll try to send you the link for Ketherlands' art, hair, etc. Thanks so much for making a rainy day Saturday a fun and relaxing day. HTWBBB (acronym for my high school nickname)