Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Designer Clothes Pins...sometimes I wonder...about me!

  Sometimes I wonder, while I'm Downeast Doing Stuff, while I'm making, doing, sewing, designing something...WHY I'm even doing it? Sometimes I have no good answer other than, "I just like it."
  I guess that's good enough.
  I found this idea on a wonderful blog. If you like doing stuff, especially crafty things like I do, check out LISA'S blog. It's a wealth of information.

  On her February 1st post, she made fancy clothespins. I thought that was so cool, so I tried it.
You can go and see how she did it. This is how I did it......
I had a collection of tissue paper that I've been saving. Anytime I got a gift from someone with unusual tissue paper, I saved it.
Then I took the clothes pins apart. SAVE  THE  METAL  SPRING!@*%   Mine disappeared while I was decorating  and I had to dismember  another poor clothes pin !

Here are the supplies I used.

I tore the tissue paper up into small random pieces. I applied Mod Podge to the wood and put pieces of tissue paper into the wet Mod Podge, smoothing it out as I went along, wrapping the tissue paper all around the wood willy nilly. I even used my fingers to smooth it out.
Cover all the wood surfaces. Let dry on something plastic, metal or glass. (If you place it on paper to dry, it's going to stick.)
  DRY really well. (like overnight) (or here)

 Put the spring clips back on. THAT  WAS  THE  HARDEST  PART !! REMEMBER what it looked like before you took it off. You might have to find the groove in the wood with your fingernail for the wire to sit in. I'M TELLING YOU, IT WAS REALLY HARD. YOU HAVE SOME TRICK FOR THIS, LISA ??

  Well, that's it.
  I like my plaid one the best.

Now, what would I use these for? Certainly NOT for hanging clothes, God forbid. I will use mine to close chip and pretzel know...the important stuff !

other things you can do with clothespins:
Put them on your face. (click)
Make a gigantic outdoor sculpture. (click)
Stop smelling something. (click)
Hang up your underwear. (click)
Put your quadruplets in a basket and then put some clothespins around them. (click)


Birdman said...

Hey Doing Stuff!
We got leftovers again tonight? Perhaps less foolin' around with 'designer' clothespins and more creative culinary adventures would 'spice' up things'round here! Ha!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Clever pins - and clever post. So cute!!!

Kris said...

Typical, the dressed up pins think they're too good for plain jane....LOL that cracked me up.

What a neat idea.

To answer your question about the floorcloth moving around on the floor. The heavier the canvas you use the better it will stay in place. I also recommend that a rubber padding purchased from Lowe's/Home Depot...etc. be placed under the rug to prevent movement.

You should paint a floorcloth. I'm sure yours would be amazing.

Have a Happy Day,

Catherine said...

I`ve been using clothespins for paper clips. I need to jazz them up. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

They are lovely!!! What a creative mind you have!!!

Balisha said...

Now I've heard everything! Is it still snowing there. Are you bored? All kidding aside...these are really cute.

OhioMom said...

Those are so cute ... I don't even have a clothesline (apartment living ya know?), but I might make these for "curtain clips" in the kitchen.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Very clever!!! I am uberly impressed!!

Cant wait to get away from this cold!! 1 week to go!!


FoodFunFarmLife said...

You're very clever, I don't know if I would have the patience - the spring clips sound quite tricky to handle ! But they are lovely, I like the plaid one, too :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA ~ I like your post especially the part about THIS IS REALLY HARD. I tried to do something similiar only I used regular scrapbook paper and measured the clothes pin and cut out the pattern and glued it onto the clothespin. They turned out pretty good and I didn't even take the metal clip off. I think if I had painted them a co-ordinating color they would have looked better.
Yep it's right..we will be married 39 years in April...and we still like each other.


Anonymous said...

Great idea....I have a bag of chips going all the time so this would come in handy. Thank you Heloise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ellen, when were you in Buffalo to take a picture of my clothesline????

maria said...


Your clothespins are cute also but it looks hard to do.

The ones you found on my website are easier to do.

I forgot to put the link to where I found them, so I corrected this mistake.

Here is the new URL of my post:

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