Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's over...

We didn't get as much snow as they predicted, only around 8 inches. 

     Then it turned to freezing rain and sleet which compressed the snow under it. Still, it's more than I want to see out on my deck. At least I can still SEE the patio table. Last year, by March, the snow was so, so deep out on the deck we couldn't see over it to even eyeball the table. Took forever to melt.

So what did I do on my day off?
I watched T.V. and got depressed over all the depressing news. Then I spent time on my computer. I also made these. And then I ate these.
I also made whole wheat bread that turned out bad. Even my husband, who eats anything, said, "what's wrong with this bread?" Oh, it's not my first time making bread, I've made hundreds of loaves.
I've been experimenting in lowering salt content in foods. So I cut back the amount of salt from the 1 tsp. the recipe suggested, to 1/4 tsp. to see what would happen. The recipe also called for 2 packages of yeast and I only had one, but I tried it nevertheless.
The results?
Bread that tasted like wood. Using whole wheat flour always makes bread kind of funky anyway, but it wasn't that. Slathering it with lots of butter made it much better.
Other result?
My new digital scale said that I gained 2 pounds yesterday alone.
I wish there had been school.


Tara said...

Sorry to laugh, but that sounds like some of my episodes in the kitchen. I try really hard to make things healthier for us and end up having to cover it with salt or butter to make it edible. I know what you mean about the news, I try not to turn it on unless I just have to. Read my post today...maybe that will lift your spirits. ;-)

Balisha said...

Did you make and eat those brownies after reading my post on Chocolate in the Herb Garden???

OhioMom said...

Well we got 13 inches and there are light flurries right now, the snow plows piled up snow over my head, and it is only January !

Whole wheat flour tends to do that, I usually add vital wheat gluten to get a little more rise out of it.

Hope you are having a better day :)

Pam said...

Hi Elenka! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have had a lot of fun visiting here. I know what you mean about the cooking. I had scones once that bounced around the hen run. The hens beaks tapped on them a couple of times and then gave up.I loved your photo of Munjoy Hill a while back. I want to live there!!! Perfect for hubbie and me. St. Lawrence Arts Centre for him, arts-based preschool for me -your beautiful photo took me back to when I travelled around the U.S in my twenties -so pretty,especially in Autumn,er,Fall!...and yes, the searing 40-degree-plus heat continues relentlessly here in South Australia and Victoria, now becoming quite dangerous with some old people and vulnerable pets losing their lives.I look forward to visiting you again.

Marinka said...

I love the snowy untouched photo!