Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random thoughts….

Another end to another weekend…..or as Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey asks…..

I, myself, know what a weekend is. I also know when it's over. Someday, everyday will be a weekend, but 'til then….. 
What did I do this weekend?  I continued work on a painting I started….

Saw Saving Mr. Banks, August: Osage County, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and
Her. Liked them all.

Saw this the other day:
What could that mean?? Whatever it is, it's free.
But what is it about??

A chopper will drop something nice off?

Could be a book?

Could be a very scary drop off?

This is Maine after all, but hunting season is over.

Could be Nearly Headless Nick's head dropping off?

My guess it's a joke. Yessiree. Turn the corner and see this sign up the street…that's what I think.
ha ha ha ha ha

Hey, it's the dead of winter. We need to amuse ourselves with something, don't we?
Well, I do.

Off to work we go…….


Anonymous said...

I watched "...Banks" over her shoulder and I listened to "Her" I like both. "Her" intrigued the heck out of me. LOOOOOOng weekend ahead.

Sketchbook Wandering said...

I so admire your way of focused, so patient, so atmospheric, so lovely...I enjoyed your creative series & connections on "Dropping off"...