Thursday, January 2, 2014

No school…..and frigid….

Snowing out, going to get worse tonight. No school and I'll be surprised if there's school tomorrow. This is tacked on to a week and a half of Christmas break, aka Winter break.
It was 1 degree this morning creating this Mondrian artwork on my kitchen window.
Winter's very pretty. :-p

Update: It's 5:30 pm and it's -3. Blizzard outside. Gonna last all night. A teacher in my school was collecting money to fight Global warming and they were doing a dip into the ocean yesterday.
Case closed.

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Sketchbook Wandering said...

Yes, up here in Midcoast, I've been watching the minus temps throughout the day. It was 14 below this morning, Friday...The last image, it's a photo? It has the feel of a painting. Very lovely...