Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watch that watch!


  The other day I received an email indicating that I got free overnight shipping from Amazon.

So yesterday I went onto Amazon and snooped around. I've been looking for a white watch all summer, so that's what I started looking for.

I found a nice Tommy Bahama watch I had seen on other sites before, but I thought it was too expensive. For some reason, it was a lot cheaper on Amazon, so I was all set to order it.

As I was starting to order it, images of other watches appeared below this one, and there was another Tommy Bahama watch that was all yellow. For some reason it attracted my attention, and the next thing I knew, I ordered the dang yellow one! For free overnight delivery! Yessir.

I felt like a bandit. Doing something like that is out of character for me.

10:30 last night I got a text message that it was shipped.

This morning I went onto to Amazon to track my package and this is how it was shipped.

I was some impressed! Look at how quickly many men and women helped to transport my tiny watch to me overnight!

Event Details
August 30, 2012
08:26:00 AM
So. Portland ME US
Out for delivery
August 30, 2012
08:20:00 AM
So. Portland ME US
Arrival Scan
August 30, 2012
06:32:00 AM
Manchester NH US
Departure Scan
August 30, 2012
06:09:00 AM
Manchester NH US
Arrival Scan
August 30, 2012
04:09:00 AM
Louisville KY US
Departure Scan
August 30, 2012
01:49:00 AM
Louisville KY US
Shipment received by carrier
August 29, 2012
07:06:27 PM
Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit

It was scanned in at the Manchester airport and then scanned out for departure in 23 minutes!!

And then in South Portland it was out in 6 minutes!!!!!

So here I am sitting in my p.j.'s while my new yellow watch is riding around in a UPS truck looking for me.

Ain't it wonderful?


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

ha ha ha, careful honey! that's how it started with me. now i am shopping online ALL the time. d#1 puts me on shopping ban but i don't listen to her! ha

smiles, bee

Robin Larkspur said...

Wow, such great delivery for free! Then why does it take so long when we PAY for it??

Unknown said...

That it is! and so's that yellow watch!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I have prime with Amazon - everything I buy there I get two day shipping for free - if the item is marked Prime - so when I shop I always looks for things makred Prime - and it is here in two days. If I'm in a huge hurry I can pay 3.00 or so more and get it the next day. It always amazes me how fast that Amazon can get something to my house. It is great for almost-last-minute gifts - plus we get all our supplements and vitamins through amazon "subscribe and save" - great programs.

Love your yellow watch!

Mrs. Norton said...

That is not like you! Can't wait to see it - are you wearing it tonight???

Sharon Creech said...

It is, is is (wonderful), and cool that you chose the jazzy yellow one.