Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.....

25 years ago tonight....Oh, What a Night. (The Four Seasons)

The birth of my Beautiful Boy. (John Lennon)

In My Life, the best night. (The Beatles)

Although at times it feels like I've been Dancing in the Dark, (Bruce Springsteen)

and we've had a few Rainy Days and Mondays, (The Carpenters)

But for the most part, we've always tried to Take It Easy. (The Eagles)

I've Had  the Time of My Life, that's for sure. (Dirty Dancing Soundtrack)

25 years ago.....It Seems So Far Away, (Carole King) yet only Yesterday. (Beatles)

A start of a Whole New World. (Aladdin Soundtrack)

Just remember one thing, my sweet, sweet child.....I Will Always Love You. (Whitney Houston)

Happy Birthday 'lil Bird.

"So be brave, son and know that I long
race you to the top of the morning!
Come, sit on my shoulders and ride.
Run and hide, I'll come and find you,
Climb hills to remind you 
I love you! 
I love you, my boy at my side!"   
 (the Secret Garden)


Balisha said...

Please add my happy birthday wishes. Looks like he takes after his Mom with the project he's working on...Balisha

PS...Loved seeing how you made the beautiful poppies..

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your son! Looks like the acorn did not fall far from the tree!

Birdman said...

This post jogged a few memories... all great ones.
What a night!

brattcat said...

awwwww. and is this how little bird chose to spend his birthday...making art? gotta love that boy.

Traveling Bells said...

Beautiful tribute to a handsome lad. Happy birthday, lil Bird. May you live a long and happy life...

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a wonderful tribute!! Love the songs!

joanne said...

That was fantastic! Happy Birthday to your all grown up boy.

Lili said...

Oh Elenka he's an artist just like you too!! That's so cute that you've dubbed him 'lil Bird, the offspring of you and Birdman! ~Lili

Sharon Creech said...

Love this post; love the songs you chose; love that boy.

Elenka said...'s funny. He was first called Lil Bird by a nurse in the hospital the first time they brought him to me when I got into my room. She said his little mouth was puckering up like a little bird blindly searching for a worm from his mother. The name stuck.
Little did I know that Birdman would become my husbands blog name. Funny, really!

Lynette said...

Swell birthday post which serves to strengthen already great memories. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Oh Elenka!! A son that is also an artist....I love that! How lucky are you! Did he go to art school?? There is something very special between a son and a mother...I miss my son so much...he's in Bangor...but that may be changing soon. Happy Birthday to your lil bird and congratulations to you and Birdman too for 25 long and wonderous years.