Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sixty years......

Someone near and dear to us turned 60 years old on Saturday. 
 All of us (yes, including me) in his generation look at each other, once it dawns on us how old we are and say,
 "Say what?"

It can't be! How can it be. Our parents and grandparents are 60, aren't they?

Age is a strange thing. It happens to you when you aren't looking. And there ain't no stopping it. 

But we celebrate it anyway. (how perverted is that?) 

And celebrate we did!!

Friday night a family dinner party with great surprises.
Saturday a huge affair.
Sunday an intimate brunch.

A whirlwind of a weekend. Great fun all around.

So sixty must mean other things, let's see what Google comes up with...

Q:What do you call someone that is sixty years old?
A: Well, I guess they're old, but you don't want to call them that so probably call them sixty year old or something like that.  (a genius at work)

King James Bible:
And if [it be] from sixty years old and above; if [it be] a male, then thy estimation shall be fifteen shekels, and for the female ten shekels.  
(WHAT??) (The Bible should be like Wikipedia. I would change that verse immediately!) 
(Notice they are called 'she'kels and not 'he'kels, btw.)

Now, this one, I agree with. I love Cary Grant. (An Affair to Remember)(Remember?)(sigh)

A recent headline: 
Sixty-Year-Old Japanese Woman Gives Birth    (ouch) (ouch) ( double ouch)

OK, OK, actually he's 61, but sitting next to Jennifer Lopez on American Idol makes him look a lot more like.....well, I don't know what it makes him look like. 

Some pretty good company here....(love how Liza Minelli is trying to keep Dolly Parton's boobs in.)

huh? This is a 60 year old accupuncturist doing self-accupuncture. Wonder what's wrong with him? Probably has no health insurance, thus the do-it-yourself kit. (Maybe he's just trying to remember his pin number. This way, all he has to do is count the pins when at an ATM. The long one is a decoy, in case anyone is watching him.)

So Happy Birthday, our dear Marchin. It was great fun, wasn't it? 


Birdman said...

I was entertained most of the evening by the youngsters. Tiny 'wine-girl' and the 'tabster' were a riot! It was a GREAT time... the whole weekend.

annie'smom said...

Oh, it was a wonderful time. The best present that you can give to someone is one that creates memories, isn't it?

brattcat said...

It's only fitting you should have a GREAT time during this celebration...I've been having a great time reading the blog entry about it. Turning sixty...that happens to me too in another year and a half. So good to have this heads up here. I'll be investing in the medicine kit; I'm certain to be on pins and needles until it arrives. And after it arrives, too, I suppose. This guy definitely ascribes to the "physician heal thyself" philosophy. There are few people in the world, E, who can make me laugh out loud with their writing. You win the prize. Happy Birthday, Marchin!

Unknown said...

That sounds like yhou had a wonderful time. Love the atm reference! I'm turning 67 this sommer and I know there won't be anywhere near this much fuss! Marchin is lucky!

LBJ said...

It was totally delicious! The best part for me, was. to watch Marchin be totally surprised and surrounded by lots of love.

Sharon Creech said...

You all certainly know how to celebrate! And your post made me laff.

Lili said...

So funny Elenka! You guys really know how to celebrate! Love the t-shirt, I know someone who that would fit to a tee! ~Lili

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a fun celebration - I'm heading for 65 this month - those last five years since 60 - and the 42 years of experience before that have been a blast. It is always great to have a wonderful companion along for the trip.

Traveling Bells said...

Party perfect! There is life beyond 60:)

Sarah Laurence said...

Happy Birthday to your Marchin! That t-shirt made me laugh. I had tea with a friend I hadn't seen in years. She's still working part time, is playing sax in 2 jazz bands, runs or swims every day. I was surprised to learn that she was now 65. 60 must be the new 40.

maria said...

Love the t-shirts.

Looks like you had a bunch of fun.

Debbie said...

Sounds like some 60+ers had a really really good time. God....I think 60 must be the new 50 or maybe 40?? I sure as hell don't feel 56....that's for sure. You're so lucky to have such wonderful friends...that's something to celebrate alone. Seven Tyler definitely does NOT look 60 something. I have a friend that worked for him and ahem...a little bit more. Recently she said to me..."their was always something so spiritual about that man...AND...he had the softest lips!" Ha!! She never got over him I don't think.:)

Debbie said...

Whoops....not Seven or 7 Tyler....I meant Steven!! Sorry!!

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, Brighton, Disco NoFurNo and Kely said...

Love the T's...and I just turned 59 which might as well be sixty and got to thinking...when my grandparents were 60, i was 20 and they seemed real old, but were active and healthy--heck, like me!