Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday week.....who knew?

So my husband announces last night that his 'Birthday Week' is beginning, henceforth, tomorrow. Meaning today. Yeah, I know his birthday is Thursday, but what's up with this 'Birthday Week'? And how come when it's my birthday, it's basically a birthday '30 minutes'?

So, anyway, the plan apparently is to do something different everyday until his birthday, so off we trudged to Willard Beach in South Portland, Maine.

It was in the 80's and sunny, so why the heck not? We packed our lunches, piled our beach paraphernalia into the car and headed out.

The beach was not too is a Monday and most people were in work. We found a nice spot, settled in and Mr. Downeastdoingstuff says, "Look at that suit."
"Look at that guy's suit", he said as he nodded his head backwards.

Now, I love to people watch, see what they are up to, check out what they are wearing, stuff like that. 

But this is one for the books.....(click on this photo to biggify it....please...)
Yup, that's his suit. If you look real close, you can see the threads that are holding it on.
You know that joke, " Is that a _________(fill in the blank), or are you just happy to see me?"
For some reason, that joke came to mind.

Then, oh yes, then, he sat up. Almost more disturbing.
About 45 minutes later, we hear all kinds of chatter and ruckus. I glance to the right and see a pile of teenagers (and younger) coming down the steps to the beach. 
I pray, "Don't turn left. Don't turn left"
"Go left !" I hear one of their counselors bellow. (There were about 40 of them, I counted.)
Marching forward, they all turned left towards us, and, ahem, toward 'him'.
Well, I just sat back and watched the show.
The word 'giggles' was made specifically for what ensued. Lots and lots of giggles, surreptitious pointing and averted eyes. I loved it.

The counselor all of a sudden demanded, "Don't go past that white boat!" (The one you see in the above photo, which was next to me where I was sitting)

'HE' was to my left.

I watched 'him' to see if he would try to cover up or something. Nope. Nothing phased him at all. He even rolled onto his side, (toward the kids) , reached into his bag (the one on the blanket...get your mind out of the gutter) and grabbed a sandwich and had his lunch, still in his stretched out, check me out, pose.  If he wasn't facing me, I would have snapped a shot of that, too.
But I'm not the pervert here! 

Disclaimer: God, I hope he doesn't read this blog...if he does...."Hey, who put these photos of the nice man sunning himself on my blog???" 
After only about 30 minutes, the kids left. Kinda a short beach day, I think it was just their lunch break from a day camp at SMCC. So Mr. DEDS and I took a walk. That's the birthday boy in the above photo, doing what he always does....getting into contorted shapes to take photos with his super, duper camera for his blog.
Upon returning to our encampment, I created this sand Angel from junk around my beach chair.
Heavenly, isn't she?
This is her, in the below photo, on the weekends, letting it all hang out....
Apparently it was time to go home. 'HE' left (I didn't even get the pleasure of seeing him stand up), the food was gone, and clouds were coming in.

So we went home. Stopped at the liquor store and bought ingredients to make the following:

First day of Birthday Week under our belts. Can't wait for tomorrow.......


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

your beach angels are adorable and so creative!!!

i always ask for the whole month for my birthday!

smiles, bee

annie'smom said...

Very, very funny - I'm sitting here, by myself, laughing out loud! Birthday Week? That's okay, it could be worse. I know someone who recently celebrated "Birthday Month"!
I hope that the drinks were wonderful and that today is a great day too!
By the way, I love the angels!

brattcat said...

Wickedly delicious post from start to finish. Vermont must be part of the 'birthday week' extension. Yeah! Once nude guys walked the streets of Brattleboro but the selectmen put an end to that. Sorry. I do know a nude swimming hole though. Hope every day is as much fun...and yields as much fun for the rest of this one was.

Susan said...

Such a sweet post - and how long have you and the Birthday Boy been married?

ps I love the beach angels too

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a nice start for birthday week - at least you won't forget this one. What I want to know is - do guys bikini wax? LOL

The beach angel is sweet - and love that bikini. My kids used to build beach animals of shells and such.

Happiest birthday to Mr. DEDS - all week! So what is he planning for your birthday week? Just askin'.

Unknown said...

Hope the rest of the week lives up to your beach day! lol

Birdman said...

I just HOPE that's NOT the 'package' I get Thursday!!!!!!! I do NOT need a banana hammock!

Writing Without Periods! said...

You are so creative. I LOVE that angel. Thanks for taking a photo of her. It always amazes me how creative some people are.

Anonymous said...

banana hammock...LOL

OMG that bathing suit! I confess it would be hilarious on my hubby...I'd pee myself from laughing so hard (DID I JUST SAY THAT?)

Hope Mr. DEDS has a great birthday week. whatever you do, don't tell him about my old co-worker, Wade, who celebrated all month for his birthday. He called it "Wade-mas"

"Don't go left!"

Lili said...

Oh my gosh I would LOVE to meet up on the beach with you two! You are so funny, had me in stitches. I still can't get over how creative you are, especially at the beach! You are one amazing lady. Can hardly wait for the rest of birthday week! ~Lili

cam said...

Your mind is definitely always in the gutter...and we DO love it!!!
Keep up the good work!
Loved the angel, I'll have to get C- to take a look so she'll have yet another fun thing to do at the beach!!
As for BDMN... guess this is what keeps him young!! Rock On!

Florida Checks In!

Deb Shucka said...

OMG, this is so funny! And sort of gross.