Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teeny pin-cushions !

These are a couple of pin cushions I made. The base of them is just a bottle cap! So, as you can see, they are quite small, but do the trick.
I found the directions for these at a site called craftstylish, wonderful directions posted by Jen Segrest. As she says, these are very addictive and make fabulous little gifts.

Here are the detailed directions: Click here.

Thank you, Jen !

I plan on making a few more in different sized caps, from different things. I even saved a Fancy Feast cat food can to try and make a bigger one, if I can figure it out.

Aren't these sweet ? Hey, we all need a cushion for our pins. We also need cushions for other things, but I don't know how to make those.


Lucy..♥ said...

Absolutely adorable!

Your snow photo's are beautiful, but hoping we don't get anymore of the stuff!

Sarah Laurence said...

Cute pin cushions and I really like your paintings of the trees in the snow. Your yard does look like mine. It will melt someday.

Balisha said...

Those are so cute. I'm always looking for something to work on while I watch TV...these would be fun to do.

Balisha said...

I just clicked for directions...what a great blog.She has so many neat ideas. We have 9 cats among our kids....I may be making mice too.Thanks for the info.

Tara said...

Too cute!

Michelle Palmer said...

These are adorable!
Thank you for stopping by...I taught myself how to needle felt after watching a few tutorial videos on YouTube. If you type in "How to Needle Felt" loads of helps come'll be felting in no time & LOVING it! :)
Can't wait to see what you make!
Hope you have a wonderful Friday~

joanne said...

those are just adorable! Thanks for the link..i'm not very crafty but I might try!
Have a good weekend...

Kris said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog. I absolutely love your paintings.
I wish painting would pay the bills, but so far that isn't happening, gotta keep the day job. It does pay for the hobby. ah' someday!

That is some major snow you have in your area. I couldn't even imagine snow like that in TN. We get an inch and you would think it was a blizzard.

Have a happy day


Birdman said...

Ah!!!!! I just got the 'point'!

OhioMom said... there no end to your talents?

Those are adorable :)

Candy's daily Dandy said... are super talented! I love the mini pin cushions!!! They are wonderful. I also love your site-and your fabulous paintings. I REALLY love them all...but I think Snowy Old Port is my favorite. We go to York Beach every summer and stay at the Union Bluff. Do you show your work anywhere around there??