Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Friday Art Walk

  Two lines in the Abba song, Dancing Queen are...
"Friday night and the lights are low,
Looking out for a place to go..."
  That was us...looking out for a place to go...heck, it was going to be a balmy evening, 22 degrees and no wind.
  Donning long undies (at least I did) and liner gloves and printing up a map of all the galleries, off we went into the Portland night to do the First Friday Art Walk.
  The first excitement of the night was driving around for about 20 minutes trying to find a 'free' parking space. (God forbid we should use the parking garage) We had big competition. The Portland Museum of Art is free on Friday nights (that's when WE go...) and there was a concert in the new Port City Music Hall on Congress Street.

  We found a place on Parris Street. Parris Street was about 306 blocks from where we wanted to go, but remember, it was balmy out. :-/

  The streets were packed, surprisingly, there were people everywhere and music in the streets. Cabin fever was in full swing.

  Galleries offered wine (one reason I go out in the arctic) and munchies and everyone was in a festive spirit.

  There were remnants of Christmas lights everywhere (typical of Maine.... in March, we play a game when we are driving around...counting brown Christmas wreaths still hanging on people's doors.)(We all know what the person in the car means when they say, "one...")(By the way, ours are still green and still hanging....they stay green month after month, year after year....must be a good species.). The lights added to the wonderful glow of the evening.

There was art in every nook and cranny... up stairs, down long hallways, tucked around corners and right there on the main street. I don't know how many artists made any sales, but everyone seemed to be having a good midwinter time.

(Where were you, Peter?.......)


Tara said...

Oh man...wish Texas wasn't so far away. Love Art Walks....and FREE is even better... add a lil wine and munchies to the mix and my world would almost be complete. :-) I'm jealous, again.

Balisha said...

Sounds like a great evening. Did you get inspired to paint?

Pam said...

It's fun visiting here Elenka. Your adventures (and that of the animals in previous posts) are really entertaining.Thank you - as you can imagine I'm suffering from a bit of cabin fever myself! I LOVE art galleries.

BECKY said...

Hi Elenka!! Sounds like you had a fun time! I about froze my tushy off last night at Daytona International Speedway! The shade and wind made it much too cold for this sunshine gal!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment!

I got that rooster at Michael's last year. They had a few different sizes and the one I have is the smallest.I almost bought one of the larger ones, too, but I want variety, so I didn't. Maybe they'll put some out again this year!!

Take care and thanks again for stopping by!!

Anonymous said...

Elenka, My wreath is still on my door! I have 8 feet of snow on my walk and doorstep so if OK with you my wreath will remain until April or whenever I can get to it. Sorry I missed first friday frigid art walk (FFFAW) but I will be there next month.

cam said...

Hey, Elenka, stop making me miss Portland, will ya!! It's 78 here, though!