Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ah, yes, it's snowing out?????

I hear it's snowing out. There's a winter storm warning. What month is this?

Here I am in Florida. It was 77 degrees today. (DANG...I don't know how to type a 'degree' symbol !) It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. After several days of this type of weather, I don't even know how anyone that lives here knows that it's actually February or even winter.
(huh, CAM ?)

Sitting around the hotel pool, everyone is acting like it's summer out: swimming, sunning, slathering sunscreen, sipping soda (wow, alliteration or what?)
........Nobody listened. So I had to have a strawberry daiquiri and join the club, feet in pool.

Ah, this is the life. Read a little of my book, Water for Elephants, sipped my drink and soaked in some sun.
Notice I said, 'the' hotel and not 'my' hotel. Well, it once or twice actually once WAS 'my' hotel...several years ago, but today I just borrowed it. Hey, they got my eight + bucks for the drink and I didn't use a towel or anything. The Disney world has mucho, mucho bucks from this family's bank account over the years. I'm sure they wouldn't even be in business without our business over the last 20 years.

It's just nice to see things alive.

Back to the my real world soon...*%#@*!^%$


OhioMom said...

You are sooooo mean ... LOL ... yes it is snowing here :)

Take some sun for me!

Balisha said...

You poor thing!! So sad that you will miss the smow storm :) Have fun.
On my computer I press the alt key and type in 0176 and voila there's a °.

Balisha said...

Oops goofed on the word snow....And I have had nothing to drink!!

joanne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've got to say I'm a little jealous to come here and find you basking in the sun. Not to mentio the pool!
Your painting is beautiful..are the photos also taken by you?? If so you are one talented chick!!
Nice to 'meet' you...come by anytime...

Mary Ellen said...

Yes, it is snowing up here. For two whole days - SNOW SNOW SNOW - although I heard some of the coastal folks got some yucky rain mixed in.

Enjoy your vacation in sunny Florida, and I'll try not to die of jealousy!

Anonymous said...

Yap, it's snowing and I'm so tierd of it!
I wish I was sitting with my feet in a pool with a drink in my hand.....dreaming.....
Have a wonderful weekend.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

LUCKY YOU! I loved all your photos, especially the one with your tootsies in the water! Enjoy that sunshine and s-o-a-k it in...we've got plenty of winter left, don't we? I am so thrilled you got to go and pick strawberries! It's one of our favorite things about June at our house!