Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Two of Birthday week......

Yesterday completed day two of the now famous Birthday Week.

Unfortunately, nobody provided me with fodder for my blog like someone did on Monday. It would have been a far more exciting day if someone in the theatre had taken their clothes off....but they didn't (and I looked....). So, we just did our thing.

First, we went up to the Maine State Music Theater in Brunswick to see My Fair Lady during the Matinee. They always do a great job, and yesterday was no exception, despite my seat behind a woman with the biggest head I've ever seen. (She kept her clothes on....) This theater is on the beautiful campus of Bowdoin College.

The Pickard Theatre

Summer offerings.

Following that....the highlight of 'my' day. A dream come true. A Genie in a Bottle type of event.

(((((We had dessert first! ))))) A stop a Dairy Queen in Westbrook. Oh yes, there is a God.

A half chocolate, half vanilla cone for me and a Mocha Chip Blizzard for the Birthday Boy.

True ecstasy, truth be told, would have been a Peanut Buster Parfait, but my doctor       ( read this in a really whiny voice) told me not to have salt.....and peanuts have salt. 

I'm a good girl. I do what I'm told. (Stop laughing Birdman aka Mr. DEDS....)

The grand finale of the day was a free pizza from a local pizza/gas station. Buy at least eight gallons of gas, 12 times, and you get a free pizza. (Right, Annie's Mom and friend?)

Day two of Birthday Week is history.