Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Magic Kingdom.....follows me everywhere......

I'm not too good at this new camera stuff. When I read directions, they should say, "press button to turn same button to turn off....and it will turn off......if you are lucky."

Right now, Mr. Downeastdoingstuff and I are having a cosmopolitan on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. HE makes the best. (we use 'light' cranberry juice.) (Makes it much healthier.)

So, I did manage to load some photos. Finally, through some technical 'miracle'. (Right? CAM?) About 4,000 photos of Junior Downeastdoingstuff, and a couple of the Disneyworld castle. Since Junior doesn't want his mug on this blog, you are looking at Cinderella's castle.

He and I had the BEST time. It IS the "happiest place in the world." I JUST LOVE IT THERE.

I want to live there.  Heck, I'll even live in the Haunted Mansion, I don't care.
(Actually, truth be told, I wouldn't want to live in the friggin' tea-cups. Vertigo issues.)

Junior loves it there, too.

Mr. Downeast........ stayed home with his mother/father in-law.  (He doesn't quite have the stamina needed, yet, to keep up with Junior and me. Actually, he never will. We are nuts when we get there, what with that Fast Pass stuff and all.)

Lord Bless Him. 

Actually, with 92 degree temps, a Corona or two at the ready, he claimed to be in his own 'Magic Kingdom'. 

Which is usually where you can find him.