Thursday, May 5, 2011

Romantic weekend....Part 2.....

So after settling in our room, we went for a walk around the shops in Rockland. Not everything was opened yet because it was before the 'season', but we did cruise around a few stores.

Upon returning to the Inn, this is how we found our room.
Lest you think those are sliced beets, be assured, they are rose petals!! And some chocolate on a silver tray. Nice touch.

So we cracked open some  champagne we brought, served up some cheese and crackers and built a fire in the fireplace. Oh yeah, I already told you it was a push button fire. Nice anyway.

After enjoying that, we took off for a local restaurant on the water that had good reviews. We decided to just go to the lounge and order a couple of appetizers and some adult beverages. Very relaxing.

Next morning..... BREAKFAST ....

Home-made hot applesauce, a breakfast bread that I think was almond, coconut and poppyseed, coffee, tea or juice.
Quiche with basil and homefries.

BUT.....BUT...the piece de resistance was this.....CHECK IT OUT !!!! They had a pantry that was open 24/7. In that pantry were 3 or 4 PIES, that were available all the time!!! Coffee and tea.In the fridge were sodas, water, BEER  and  ICE CREAM !!!!!! The deal was HELP YOURSELF!!!!! YIKES!!!

So we came back after the appetizers, fixed ourselves up with pie, ice cream and tea (for me) and went back up to our room. Perfect, perfect time.

I want that pantry in my house.