Friday, April 24, 2009

San Antonio ! Ole!

Here we are, in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Unbeknownst to us, we picked the week of the 'FIESTA' to be here. Ai Caramba !!! What good luck! It wasn't too crowded, as I feared, and there were so many colorful things to see and do. We had a great time. We are leaving today, so here are a few shots of our trip. 

The Alamo in the evening. It was much more interesting than I thought it would be! Once you get inside, you can go into the courtyards and gardens, too.
San Antonio is small, so you can basically walk everywhere.

This is the Arneson theatre along the Riverwalk, a MAJOR tourist attraction in San Antonio. (Most of the big hotels are right on the Riverwalk.) There is an outdoor amphitheater across the narrow river from this theatre that seats 600 people, so you view the plays across the water. Sightseeing barges cruise along even during  performances.

We took one of the narrated barge trips. $5 and worth it. Beautiful views. The overhead bridges are regular streets of San Antonio. The Riverwalk is below street level, and when you're on it, you have no clue you're in a big city at all. 

Another view of the river. Ducks float around minding their own business with their little ducklings. Sweet.

Most restaurants have tables right along the edge of the river. No railings mostly. Why more people don't end up in the drink, I don't know. Especially in the evenings when folks make their own fiestas.

The sides of the Riverwalk are loaded with many wonderful restaurants, bars and some shops.
A Ben and Jerry's and a CVS, too!!

One of the barges that cruise the San Antonio River.

A Mariachi band, straight ahead, from the barge trip we took. The horns and strings reverberate throughout the area. Very pleasant.

One of the many picturesque walkway bridges going over the river. Flowers and tropical foliage everywhere.

Walking under a street bridge on the Riverwalk.

View of the San Fernando Cathedral (oldest Cathedral in the United States, they claim) from our room on the 14th floor. (By the WAY, this is really the 13th floor...who do they think they are kidding? In the elevator, the rooms go from 12 to 14....) I just don't get superstitions.

Rooftop pool at our hotel. Two hot tubs, too. We got a free full breakfast every morning, and a happy hour every evening, with 3 free drinks per person (wine, beer and mixed drinks) with munchies. 

It was a wonderful vacation. Mucho great weather, mucho great food and mucho great times!  But we always have a good time.....

Adios, Amigos!