Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.....

25 years ago tonight....Oh, What a Night. (The Four Seasons)

The birth of my Beautiful Boy. (John Lennon)

In My Life, the best night. (The Beatles)

Although at times it feels like I've been Dancing in the Dark, (Bruce Springsteen)

and we've had a few Rainy Days and Mondays, (The Carpenters)

But for the most part, we've always tried to Take It Easy. (The Eagles)

I've Had  the Time of My Life, that's for sure. (Dirty Dancing Soundtrack)

25 years ago.....It Seems So Far Away, (Carole King) yet only Yesterday. (Beatles)

A start of a Whole New World. (Aladdin Soundtrack)

Just remember one thing, my sweet, sweet child.....I Will Always Love You. (Whitney Houston)

Happy Birthday 'lil Bird.

"So be brave, son and know that I long
race you to the top of the morning!
Come, sit on my shoulders and ride.
Run and hide, I'll come and find you,
Climb hills to remind you 
I love you! 
I love you, my boy at my side!"   
 (the Secret Garden)