Friday, July 9, 2010

   24 years ago tonight.....ah, yes. What a mish mash of emotions. Something that hurt so much produced something so wonderful. Weird, huh? I can see where the phrase 'no pain, no gain' comes from. My little boy was born.

   This photo was taken during his first day on this earth. How Mr. Downeast doing stuff caught this smile with his camera, is beyond me...but he did. Had no idea he captured it until the film was developed. (Remember the old days...actually developing film?) (Although, that particular picture was developed in a darkroom by Mr. DEDS himself.)

   Now, just to clarify, that mysterious smile disappeared once we got home. And it wasn't Mr. DEDS's housekeeping skills while I was sequestered in the hospital. Something called 'colic' took over, and he cried for three entire months. Three long months. The doctor told me that it would probably last ONLY three months. After ONLY three months, TO THE DAY, he woke up smiling again and he's been smiling ever since. (I didn't mind it too, too much however,....I got to hold him almost all his waking hours. He always smelled nice.) (ummm, in retrospect I didn't mind it...) 

   As a matter of fact, he has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Really. A tiny part of it is thanks to his orthodontist, but mostly it's him.

   And you know what? He makes me feel like smiling, too. 

   I love you, little bird.

   Happy Birthday my baby.