Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another adventure.....or something.

Today, the love of my life is going into the hospital. On Tuesday he is going to have open heart surgery to repair a valve. We knew about this since late summer and he picked this date himself so that this wouldn't interfere with work very much. That's my guy.

Here he is at a table at a restaurant in Portland. Probably pondering life, or if he'll have time for a second beer or not before it gets dark. (That light colored one is mine, he didn't start out with 2 beers...)

Lovely windows in this old port restaurant, right bratcat? (up on second floor this time...)

Sun setting on gorgeous buildings that line the streets of the Old Port.

The Old Port was wonderful on this cold, sunny day. Christmas decorations, carolers, and millions of tiny white lights. Spent the day with Mr. Downeastdoingstuff's sister having all the fun we could muster. Sunday was spent home with relatives and friends watching football and eating chili, trying to relax.
Downeastdoingstuff Junior and his sister will take him to the hospital in the morning. I will go to school and go up to see him right after school. He will be undergoing more tests all day getting ready for the surgery.
He says he is ready for this. I might be ready, as best as I can. I know that the surgeons do this work day in and day out, but never to my guy. In the end, he will be fine, probably better than he was. It's just going to be hard to watch the person that I love go through this pain.....
Wish him well.

I love you Birdman.