Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sunday Picture....

I chose this photo as my Sunday Picture in honor of all the historic events that occurred this past week. This flag has been on this barn year round for many, many years. It's colors are a stark contrast to the monochromatic winter colors.
Here is a link to a great photo collection the New York Post put together of the inauguration. 

And now, another Sunday morning in Maine.

Frost on the window.

Yikes. It's very cold again this Sunday morning, hovering around zero.
This old house was creaking and groaning last night in the frigid temperatures. So much so that our son came into the bedroom around 1:30 am and thought the house was falling apart. It does that, you know.
The creaking, I mean...not the falling apart. Although, what am I talking about? This house is almost 200 years old and yes, it falls apart, too!

Since my husband was out taking early morning photographs, it was up to me to start the fire with the wood he already brought in for me.
A little newspaper, some kindling, some small logs, a match and voila !

That's the rising sun illuminating the woodstove.

Often times I slide my husband's grandmother's rocking chair right next to the woodstove and grab some reading material and revel in the warmth.

I looked out toward our vegetable garden at my forsythia bushes. These were transplanted years ago from a patch of bushes my parents had in New Jersey and have found a home they like, right here in Maine. They don't even look alive right now, but there are lines in a song from "The Secret Garden" that give hope.

"You give a living thing
A little chance to grow,
That's how you will know
if she is wick, she'll grow.
So grow to greet the morning,
Leave the ground below.
When a thing is wick
It has a will to grow...and grow."
"Wick" sung on you tube...

And even my cat found her patch of early morning sun.