Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crime wave.....

  We have a local, community newspaper that is free for the taking in various town stores. Now, remember, I live in a rural Maine community, within driving distance of a good size city.
   This tabloid has a Police Blotter section....keeps us abreast of all the criminal activity besmirching our neighborhood.
   Here are some examples....all true, word for word.

1. Someone reported that their child was at the library and one of their child's friends set his hair on fire.         (I'm not sure 'who's' hair actually was ablaze???)

2. Someone wanted to speak to an officer regarding the Do Not Enter sign and their customers entering the wrong way. 

3. Someone called to report that they had locked their drunken spouse in their vehicle.
(ummm...if you're INSIDE the car, can't you get out by unlocking the door??) 

4. Someone reported strange cars going down their dead end road in the middle of the night and not coming back out.      (Must be quite a collection of autos in there somewhere !)

5. Someone reported that a subject, who lives across the street from the cemetery, allows their dog to go into the cemetery each morning to do his 'business'.

6. Someone reported an abandoned motor vehicle. Subject was parked there as they had cell reception and were waiting for a phone call.

7. A caller reported a car idling at a local business. The car belonged to the owner of the business.


8. A 17 year old male was found in an elementary school flushing all the toilets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lock your doors, pull your shades and carry mace. It's a crime laden community.