Friday, January 3, 2014

Day after storm…well, almost...

It's 9:10 a.m. It's up to -1 degree. And still snowing a bit. It should all be over with very soon….or so the local weather person claims.          
              Wind chills….well….see for yourself.

OK, so I lied about the -1 degree. It's actually zero now.

(Note the "feels like -21ยบ…")  

Here are a couple of my fav birds roosting outside my kitchen window. Mourning doves. Love 'em.

They have a really hard time feeding off the bird feeders, so they ground feed under the bird feeders, but with the snow it was so hard for them. Mr. Downeastdoingstuff (aka Birdman) went out and put a tray of seeds on the ground, but the snow did quick work of it.

Window in family room. That red sliver is our garage.

Door was shut all night. This is how much snow the wind drove through the crack into our entrance hall.