Thursday, July 15, 2010


Happy Birthday Birdman!  Kiss. Kiss

At the end of today, officially, it's the end of Birthday Week! (I KNOW it will be only 4 days and a week is 7 but, shhhhhhh......)

So, to recap yesterday, Day 3 of Birthday Week...

Woke up to a dark, rainy, dreary day....

So what to do today, on the 3rd day of Birthday Week, Mr. DEDS? 

" hair day (really bad hair day).....dark and forboding.......I know!
Let's go to Hampton Beach for some French Fries!!!!!"

A man after my own heart.
So we pile into the car, and in the late afternoon (I had to go to the gym first...) head south about 1 hour and a half and end up here, at this bar called the Sea Ketch, up on the 3rd floor deck.

Actually, it was a Corona Lite.

That thing that appears to be an island is actually land connected to the main land. Some very low fog has obliterated much of the earth.

The bar from is clearing.....

PLENTY of places to buy horrible, delicious, unhealthy food. yum.

Ever the nutritionist, this was my approved selection for supper.

Every night there is a different band that plays, right on the main street. It's nice.

Got home at about 11pm. It was fun!

Now to get ready for my beloveds real Birthday.....more on that later.

I love you Birdman!